We're taking our chilled drinks delivery service to a whole new level, offering you brewery fresh quality lager for you to pour in the comfort of your own home. If that doesn't impress your guests, we're not sure what will!

On Drinkly you can rent either a 8 litre Blade (great for parties) or a 2 litre Sub (if your wife's allowed a coffee machine, you're allowed one of these) - both for 5 days, complete with glassware to keep and a rental fridge should you require them. To see our full list of bundles, alongside the fantastic range of beers available for each unit please visit Draught At Home products HERE.  

For all information on the Blade and Sub units, including how to set up the unit, how to change a keg and FAQs, please click the links below: 



Please note that each rental unit will also come with a hard copy of this information. 

Additionally please watch these videos: 


For more information, only if your query hasn't been answered by the FAQs above, please call the Drinkly helpline on 0131 356 0504 and select the Draught At Home option.