Bon Accord - Rhubarb 275ml

Bon Accord

Bon Accord Sparkling rhubarb is a refreshing full flavoured soft drink, which is crisp and not too sweet. Great on its own, but we are increasingly finding more and more uses for this drink as a mixer! Again, great with gin and vodka and dark rum, but also works a treat as part of a prosecco cocktail.

Reminiscent of rhubarb and custard sweets or rhubarb rock, but once again with no added refined sugar and just 94 calories per bottle. Instead weê•_ê•_??_ã?ê_ê_ê•ê_ve added honey and coconut nectar which give a lovely depth of sweetness, not simply a sugar spike!

Drink it straight up or why not make a perfect Rhubarb Bellini.


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