Bruichladdich Port Charlotte

Bruichladdich Distillery

Inspired by an entrepreneurial flair and a youthful enthusiasm, the Harvey brothers began construction of the Bruichladdich (pronounced brook-laddie or broo-lah-dee) Distillery in 1881. For five decades, the brothers _ã?ê_ê_ descendants of a dynastic whisky family _ã?ê_ê_ owned and operated the distillery. Following the death of William Harvey in 1936, however, the distillery changed hands a number of times and was shut down in 1994, seemingly forever. In 2000, the distillery was purchased by a group of investors led by Mark Reynier and Murray McDavid. Together, the pair convinced Jim McEwan, who had been working at Bowmore Distillery since the age of 15, to join Bruichladdich as master distiller. One of the biggest names in the business, McEwan worked with Bruichladdich until his retirement last year, though he still lives next door to the distillery and continues to advise them on an informal basis.ê‰ê_


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