Eden Mill - Pear & Cassia Gin Liqueur 35cl

For Eden Mill's first liqueur, they wanted something that captured the light sweetness of fresh fruit and a warm touch of savoury toast. With juicy pear slices and cassia bark, they think they've found this perfect balance. On the nose the pear juice leaps out of the glass and the cassia bark has a cinnamon-like spice that imparts a fiery kick to the palate. The heat dies down on the finish to leave a touch of warmth and a final sweet swell of pear. 

Enjoy Eden Mill's Pear and Cassia liqueur over ice topped with soda, a dash of bitters and a slice of fresh pear, or splash a measure into your favourite fizz. For a real mixology experience, add it to your favourite Mojito recipe. 25% ABV